Marriage Ministries

Women’s Ministries

Our vision statement is to intensely help, build and improve all marriages through biblical and practical teachings.
We are having Quarterly outings and would love all married couples to join in the fun!!!

For more info email Elder Timothy  and Sharella Bowie at
Also known as Daughters of Promise (DOP) Our mission is to build a community of Sisters where love is our language. We seek God’s word for direction, and in prayer is how we fight the enemy. We are committed to building a sisterhood where all are welcomed to laugh, cry and share life’s lessons. A sisterhood that loves, lifts, motivates, and inspires our sisters to be the best they can be—encouraging each other to chase after her purpose. We are a Sisterhood that loves, builds, and inspires each other to chase after God and the life He has a purpose for her.

Psalm 46:5 “God is within her; she will not fail” For more information, email Lady Nicole Woods  at

Men’s Ministries

Singles Ministry

Also known as "AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER"
at All Nations Church, we as men live by this phrase. We believe in a safe place for men to share their weaknesses and become stronger. Our approach is to help our men in EVERY area of their lives, such as relationships, money, wholeness of oneself , and most of all his walk with God! All of the wisdom and knowledge comes from the Bible, which we believe is God’s Word for us. The overall purpose is to help men develop into the ambassadors God created him to be!

For more information email Min. Anthony Jeffries at
Also know as Singles With A Testimony (S.W.A.T).
SWAT is a group of single men and women made up of all age groups. Through the vision of our Bishop Jonathan L. Woods and Co-Pastor Lady Nicole Woods, this group was implemented to help singles connect with other singles. The mission of the ministry is to seek God, cover each other in prayer, and learn to love ourselves in our singleness while having fun in the process. We strive to meet every month but stay connected daily through our Group Me chat . We welcome all members and can’t wait to connect with you.

For more info, email D'Andrea Shipman at

The Youth and Young Adults Ministry

Children's Ministry

The  Youth and Young adult Ministry is a group of young, brilliant minds who aim to create a community of faith-seeking individuals who have established a relationship with God, instead of religion, through service, fellowship, and the Word of God. We do so by setting the pace for society and our church, influencing future generations and those before us, and impacting our church, our communities, and the world.

For more information email our Youth Pastor Jarell Worthy at
The ANC youth department vision statement.
It is not easy being a youth or young adult, in this generation, with different types of peer pressure from not only school and social media, but in everyday life. We want to build an environment that is judgment free and develop a culture that is inclusive to all youths from different backgrounds.

  1. By developing a strong curriculum to teach our youth about Jesus Christ
  2. Teaching our youth the importance of loving themselves as well as their neighbors.
  3. Teach them to build a PERSONAL relationship with God by developing a lifestyle of prayer. 
  4. We will show our youth how to fight with their faith, and how to speak over their own lives.

For more information email our Youth Director Demetria Long at

Community Outreach

We are here to serve others by showing God’s love in hands-on ways through meeting the needs within our communities and circles of influence. Simple acts of kindness can open hearts to the love of Christ for both those being served and those serving.

For more information, email Yolanda Thomas at